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AAC Standard Plant(ASM-50)

AAC Standard machinery is the part of iyantra's new philosophy of Low COst AAC Plant solutions. ASM-50 is designed for small scale commercial manufacturers who are aiming the production capacity of 50 cubicmeter. AAC standard plants for their Robustnces, Quality, durability & productivity with unmatchable services & support.


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AAC Standard Models

Sno Plant Model No Batch Capacity (in cubic meter) Plant Capacity (in cubic meter) Power Required for Total plant (in HP) Land Required (in acres) Required Manpower (No's) Aprox
1 ASM - 50 0.95 50 65 1 - 1.5 15

AAC Semi Automatic Plant Machinery (ASM-50)

Batching Section

  • AAC Slurry Mixer
  • AAC High Speed Mixer
  • Digital Weighing System
  • Screw Conveyor for Cement with Hopper
  • Belt Conveyor For Flyash with Hopper
  • Slurry Weighing Bin
  • Cement Weighing Bin With Screw Conveyor
  • Lime Weighing Bin With Screw Conveyor
  • Water Discharge System
  • Slurry Pump With Pipe Lines
  • Eletrical Control Panel for Batching Section
  • Blocks Conveying Trolleys
  • Tools Kit

Cutting Section

  • Wire Cutting Machines
  • DeMoulder
  • Electrical Control Panel for Cutting Section
  • Complete Track System
  • Base Moulds
  • Upper Moulds
  • Ferry Car
  • Stirrer For Wastage Recovery System
  • Water Discharge System
  • Slurry Pumps With Pipe Lines
  • Eletrical Control Panel for Wastage Recovery System

Steam Curing Section

  • 2 Ton IBR Packaged Boiler
  • Chimney
  • Insulation Work
  • Autoclave With Accessories
  • Softener
  • Water Pumps
  • Safety & Other Valves
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Steam & Other Valves
  • Pressure & Temperature Gauges
  • Insulation Work
  • Hydraulic Pusher
  • Mould Pulling Winch WIth Accessories
  • Hydraulic Power Pack


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Production Flow Chart

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